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Musculoskeletal, headaches, trauma


Hormone Imbalance, Emotional Trauma, Fertility

Birth Trauma

Colic, Torticollis, Splitting Up, Plagiocephaly.

Dental Applications

TMJ, Alternative Approach to Orthdontia, Orofacial Dysfunctions, Tongue Tie and Nursing difficulties.

Sports Related

Athletic Injuries, Injury Prevention, Overall Maintenance.

What to expect

More than a visit, it's a connection.

      Your initial visit will be approximately 90 minutes long, and will consist of a detailed history, basic physical exam, extensive osteopathic exam, and 40 minute osteopathic treatment with you lying down.

     During the treatment, the physician will assess your overall health and examine the different structures of your body with gentle pressure and movements. The doctor analyzes the structure influenced by compensatory patterns, old injuries, scar tissue and habits, and then is able to execute a treatment that addresses the findings to ultimately support your potential for healing and change.

  • 10min Introduction

    Getting to know your Physician.

  • 20min Intake

    Consultation, Family History, and Needs Assessment.

  • 20min Physical Evaluation

    Head to Toe Assessment.

  • 40min Treatment

    Laying Comfortably On The Treatment Bed.

Treating Physician

Holistic Approach to Healing.
Cindi Kodama, D.O.
Doctor of Osteopathy
Dr. Kodama is a licensed Osteopathic physician who provides her patients with an alternative approach to medicine. Her practice is deeply rooted in the holistic approach, with the focus being on healing the body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Kodama specializes in healing with her hands using modalities such as cranial osteopathy, biodynamics, and myofascial release to treat a multitude of conditions for all ages.  She has also added ozone therapy, homeopathy and cupping to help with managing pain.

In 2006, she received her doctorate degree at Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (COMP) and residency at Pacific Hospital of Long Beach. There she received The Most Compassionate Physician award and for 2 years The Osteopathic Principles in Practice award. In 2008, Dr. Kodama started her private practice in Santa Monica and is currently practicing at Lotus East West Medical Center. Her mentors include Dr. Viola Frymann, Dr. Eric Dolgin, Dr. Sean Tsai and Dr. Lori Dick, whom help guide and encourage her throughout her training and private practice.

Dr. Kodama’s passion is to bring a more comprehensive approach to healing one’s spirit. This stems from her own path of suffering from migraines and daily headaches, which plagued her for years. It was only the healing touch of an Osteopath which changed her life from pain to peace. This enlightened her and forged the path for her to learn and perfect her skills as a traditional Osteopath.

Dr. Kodama was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Her family has been her greatest motivation to stay grounded and rooted in the area. In her free time you will find her gardening, woodworking, tole painting, and playing softball.



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